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          •      Kunshan Dao Hui Cultural Communication Co,LTD is a professional self-marketing and service integration of manufacturers, the main service in Europe and the United States, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong and other dozens of countries and regions customers.
                  The factory production of the main products are: metal badges, crest, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, MEDALS, badges, cap badge, key chain, tie clip, bookmarks, cuff, signs, bottle opener, VIP gold card, game COINS, dog tags, baseball club badge, golf hat clip, drives to badge, gold, silver and other hardware accessories.
                     We have introduced in Germany and Japan carved mold production equipment, the original old Beijing "Beijing enamel factory craft master" leading enterprises in the traditional royal cloisonne craft and absorbing the essence of the craft, Taiwan emblem groundbreaking developed each year dozens of new technology and production of hundreds of millions of a badge sold abroad. Factory in Shanghai and kunshan in jiangsu set up a business center. We have a first-class designers and business elite team, our designers are from tsinghua academy and China central academy has many years of industry experience and advanced international concepts and design level, has successfully designed and qualified for the BMW owner-clubs, porsche drives, Shanghai Volkswagen, the 2008 Olympic Games, as well as enterprise group used in the domestic and foreign large-scale events and important activities such as badges, badge, MEDALS, etc metal craft gift designated production units and long-term partner.
                  Kunshan Dao Hui Cultural Communication Co,LTD., the staff service and production rule: at a reasonable price, high quality service attitude to make high quality badges, wholeheartedly for the domestic and foreign new and old customers to make every satisfaction boutique badge, welcome to call or email communication negotiate customized.
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