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          • 1: imitation enamel craft, with copper or iron materials, for the flat smooth surface. Imitation enamel craft is the first coloring, baking, polishing, electroplating, similar to the process after the color of the lacquer that bake, grinding of metal flat, smooth surface. A finger touch feeling has raised a little, but the badge and the lacquer that bake bulge feeling has obvious distinguish.

                 Imitation enamel process characteristics: imitation enamel badges, exquisite workmanship, which never fades surface smooth, color is bright, give a person a kind of very high and luxuriant feeling.

            2: the lacquer that bake process, can be baked on various color and plating colors, on the basis of the stamping or die casting process, the metal part groove coloring and dry, like iron badge of the lacquer that bake is very affordable price, is very popular with the customers and love.
            The lacquer that bake process characteristics: surface has obvious AoTuGan, color is bright light, simple sense is very strong.

            3: stamping process, the use of metal AoTuGan badge to show, by using metal stamping mold metal materials combined with a variety of other badge technology produced high-grade badge. Shapes can be made into a rectangle, square, round, oval, special shapes of modelling, abnormity.Surface for plating (respectively, gold-plated, nickel plating, silver plating, copper plating, etc.), also can spray, spray paint, etc.

               Stamping process features: its surface has obvious AoTuGan, simple sense is strong, suitable for stereo sense is strong stereoscopic badge MEDALS, MEDALS and hollow out effect.

            4: die casting technology, complex shape can be done, have a strong stereo feeling.More complicated than the stamping process, can do all kinds of stereo, mold more expensive than ram, can save 3 years, can do special modelling badge, hollow out, etc. Surface can also be used for electroplating, spray, spray paint.

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